New the Lenovo's Device are able to Delivers E-Mail Via BlackBerrys to Turned-Off ThinkPads E-mail
Written by Alan Bradock   
Saturday, 21 February 2009 08:07

Now Business travelers will use their BlackBerry smartphones to automatically forward e-mail to their ThinkPad laptop Pcs.

-How is it possible?

Lenovo Group Ltd. and Research in Motion Ltd. (RIM) developed a $150 device , said the two companies Monday.

It is called « Lenovo Constant Connect », the service has a hardware and a software component that was developed over two years by Lenovo engineers in Beijing, Japan and North Carolina, Rich Cheston, a distinguished engineer and executive director in Lenovo's software and peripherals business unit, said in an interview Friday.

The hardware part is a small ExpressCard device with 512GB of flash RAM and a Bluetooth antenna that pairs up with the user's BlackBerry via Bluetooth to download any new e-mail.

How To Boot Ubuntu On your Laptop from Quickplay or Mediaplayer Button E-mail
Written by Alan Bradock   
Monday, 09 February 2009 07:37

The main work is in the MBR setting we will  use rmbr.exe, a Cyberlink tool for Media Direct and also for QuickPlay Direct.

This brief guide will teach you how to boot Ubuntu on your laptop using QuickPlay Button for HP users or media direct button for Dell users.


1 Of course install Vista and Ubuntu on your laptop.

2 When done download rmbr.exe, copy it to anywhere, in this example c:\quickplay\rmbr.exe.

3 Then go/and click Start, All programs, Accessories, choose and right click command prompt,choose run as administrator.

4 Change directory to the directory of rmbr.exe, in this example, the command is: cd\quickplay

5 type:


rmbr quickplay 2 1

Note: In this example, the partition 2 is for ubuntu that will be launched by QuickPlay button and the partition 1 is for VISTA that will be launched with the power button.

You can choose your own partitions and see some help by typing as:


rmbr /?

Known Problem:

The restart options in VISTA will malfunction. It will start Ubuntu instead of VISTA. Please post If someone can fix it please post a comment.

It is possible to use the 12GB of HP recovery partition, but please DO NOT FORGET to build your HP recovery disks first, and same for Dell.

A little help for the Acer 5100 users E-mail
Written by Alan Bradock   
Saturday, 24 January 2009 08:59


- on startup, the Acer logo background(the white part) is tinted red, but quickly fades after a second or so,

and, or

- display has been flickering slightly, but the picture doesn't go completely away, it just flickers


the screen completely blacked out, but the computer was still running

Look closely and if you can see the display you have a chance.

The solution:

Your backlight is dying or dead. You can replace either the backlight itself or the entire screen assembly. While the backlight on its own is much cheaper than an entire LCD panel/assembly, it is significantly more finicky to install(but you can find many how to that will guide you on the net). Furthermore, Acer provides service manuals where you can maybe found this operation.

Dell XPS studio 16 The dream machine E-mail
Written by Alan Bradock   
Sunday, 18 January 2009 13:50
We find this review of the Dell xps studio 16 at Laptop Magazine clic on the link and enjoy.
Good news from Nvidia E-mail
Written by Alan Bradock   
Tuesday, 13 January 2009 13:36

NVIDIA Raises the Graphics Performance Bar for Notebooks

Today, at the Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV, NVIDIA announced 3 new notebook GPUs. The new GeForce 100M Series offer significant performance increases and delivers not only fast frame rates, but support for new advances in PhysX, stereoscopic 3D, and parallel computing. Legit Reviews is on the CES floor and will be reporting on this and more.

Like all NVIDIA GPUs, GeForce 100M Series GPUs deliver more than just fast frame rates with support for new advances in PhysX, stereoscopic 3D, and parallel computing. Through NVIDIA CUDA technology, GeForce 100M Series GPUs support the growing number of applications that use the power in the GPU’s 8 to 32 processor cores for more than rendering pixels to the screen—from GPU-accelerated distributed computing applications, GPU-accelerated game physics and GPU-accelerated video conversion.

The Sony vgn-FSxx series disassembly guide E-mail
Written by Alan Bradock   
Friday, 09 January 2009 00:00
Here is a link to download the pdf version of the Sony vgn-FSxx series disassembly guide clic the link, and the bonus is a link to many guides and service manuals for Sony Vaio laptops and notebooks clic the link.

The Hewlet Packard DV5T 9600M GT Overclocking Guide E-mail
Written by Alan Bradock   
Monday, 05 January 2009 00:00
Hi, LeetPix from notebookreview finally succeed in the overcloking of is HP DV5T clic on the link.

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